TimberEye is a simple and intuitive application that allows you to manage logs in an agile and efficient way. It is a portable solution where the only thing that is required for its use is a mobile device with an internet connection.

Inbound loads

Every inbound load is registered in the system. By means of weather-resistant labels with QR codes, each one of the logs is identified and then the measurement is carried out fully automatically.

Through a photograph taken from a distance, TimberEye is able to count the number of logs present in the load and thus automatically validates that all logs are processed.

Management of rows

It allows managing wood stacks, being able to group logs depending on their quality, species or any other criteria. Each row can indicate its status (open, ready or closed) and the fumigation status of the wood.

Outbound loads

Through a simple scan of the logs present in an outbound load, the application associates the read logs with the load information (container number, vehicle registration, driver’s name, etc). In turn, the stock movement is automatically generated and can be consulted in real time. TimberEye works with break bulk and container-based outbound loads.




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